Tatiana Cabral Smith


Tatiana is a jewelry designer and maker based in Savannah, Georgia. When I stumbled upon her work, the minimalism in her jewelry pieces struck me as awe-inspiring, which is one of the things I love most about her jewelry pieces. In this interview, she talks about her upbringing and the inspiration behind her work.

What place do you call home?
It sounds cheesy, but anywhere I am with my family. I was born and raised in the South Bronx and moved to Florida as a teen. I moved to Savannah, Georgia when I met Isaac and we have lived here for almost 8 years. I consider all three of these places home.

How did you learn what you're doing now?
Three years ago, I started to take a few classes through the City of Savannah's Cultural Arts Center. I did it as a form of stress relief and it worked better than I thought it would. I really enjoyed it. I made pieces for myself and some friends. People began asking me where I got the pieces, so I began to sell them. I decided to donate a portion of the proceeds to help the village of Wachuge, Ethiopia, where I visited with my friends from church (Tapestry Savannah). We were part of a team who help fund build a high school. 

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What inspires you to design jewelry?
It is partly selfish, just a way to express myself and pay homage to things that are important to me or inspire me. 

What is your design style?
I like minimal, classic styles. I also have a bold side, so I design collections that express that side of me. 


What is the most important jewelry making skill you have learned and why?
Soldering, for sure. It was scary at first and is now my favorite. 

What is it like to see people wear your pieces?
It is exciting every single time it happens! I really put thought and love into every piece, so it feels nice when people appreciate my work. 

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What is a typical day for you?
I work full-time, so usually, it means making things at night and on weekends. I really look forward to it all day long. It is one of my "happy places."

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Everything, really. I was inspired by a shower curtain ring with one of my designs (Melina hoops), a flower for The Daisies, and a finger for the Sonia Earrings.

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What are some of your favorite pieces in your collection now?
I love hoop earrings and have really been feeling them for summer. I just had two new hoops, the Lynn and Nina hoops.

What's your next project?
I am working on some great collaborations I can't wait to share.

You can find Tatiana on Instagram and visit her jewelry shop here